increase/decrease buttons idea..

ahelgorahelgor Registered User
I know we have talked about this topic before, and this is one of my big wishes for the desk when dealing with mediaservers(and especially on some librarys where the wheel resolution is really bad)

I would really like hardbuttons for doing inc/dec in steps of 1 on a parameter, and i know theres been some suggestions earlier.. But maybe an addition: how about a popup "toolbar" when you press the parameterslot(as with index/rotation on goboparameter) that pulls up a menu, maybe something like on the attached picture.. the two buttons in the middle inc/dec with one, the upper and lower inc/decreaces with a user set value..

This could be implemented on all parameters(pressing only the slot to open the menu might conflict with selecting index/rotation etc on some parametes, so maybe OPEN + PARAMETERSLOT would be logical??
if only implemented on the "needed" parameters like mediafile mediafolder etc. we could have an icon on the toolbar indicating it's possible to "open" it..

maybe while this popup toolbar is open + and - keys acts as inc/dec..??-then we have hard buttons also..


  • z6p6tist6z6p6tist6 Registered User
    edited April 2007
    I like this idea.

    You could also do it as a docked toolbar of some sort, that might look something like this...

    (I apologize in advance for my comparatively crude mock-up)

  • leebotleebot Registered User
    edited April 2007
    I like that idea but could it be coded to a physical button on the bottom right screen.
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