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Hello all! i'm quite new to the forum!

Just a quick query...

i'm running hogPcII along with Richmond Showman II......the show runs from SMPTE.

I Kepp on getting the following message whilst the show is running, the q lists keep on running but i cant manually select or control anything via the wheels unless i restart the program..
Alert: d:\src\hog2pc_3_4_3|tnt|buildV3\cpp\($revision:1.10$) (1893) TNT v3.4 (178) internal error routable event 1 never handled

Please let me know any other info you need to let me know what is causing email is



  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited March 2007

    I haven't seen this error before. I'll have one of our developers take a look at this, but in the mean time it would be a really good idea to upgrade to the current release of Hog 2PC. It looks like you're running v3.4.0.67 (178). Our current release is v3.4.3.123, which can be downloaded from the Flying Pig Systems web site at

    I'd be curious to know if you can reproduce the problem with the current release.

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