Xspot extreme / Hog500 question.

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i recently received six xspots in my inventory and was trying to figure out how to get them to lamp off. i have a hog500 that i use for control. I know that on the better fixtures in the mac series it is really easy but i can't get it to work on these. If anyone has a macro or know how to do this please let me know. I have used them on several shows now and not been able to lampoff before the strike of the event. I know i am murdering the lamp by doing this.



  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Its' actually really easy.

    Set your "Strobe" to closed. (This must be done to allow the fixture to respond to commands from the "Control" channel.)

    And then your "Control" to either "Shutdown" or "Lamp Off"

    This method holds true for pretty much every HES fixture.

    This is a much better system than those cheap-o MAC fixtures for two major reasons (they combine strobe and control into one channel).

    1 - you cannot accidentally lamp off or shutdown a fixture if your strobe/control encoder moves.

    2 - On certain consoles without an abstraction model (i.e. - not Hog-3) for fixtures when you change type it does not differentiate between "strobe" values and "control" values....so you could set you new fixtures to strobe as with the older ones, but instead you've now actually sent a shutdown command:Eyecrazy:
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    What i normally do (regardless of instrument) is create two position palletes that strike and and douse my lamps per fixture respectivley.

    On the hog 2 system, when you select the X.SPOT(s) hit the beam button until the MACRO / CONTROL / LAMP secion is selected. From there set the CONTROL ATTRIB to lamp off, Let it sit for about 5-8 seconds and release.

    Make sure that there is nothing else signal wise going to instruments before doing this.

    Like i said, it is possible to create a palette that does this, or even a macro like you said just remeber to go back and edit in a wait or use macro timing.
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