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KyleT85KyleT85 Registered User
Is it possible to run Wholehog 2 on a Macbook?
I recently switch and trying to stay completely away from PC.

Was wondering if there was a way to Download Wholehog 2 and run it on the MAC OS X


  • eboxereboxer Registered User
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    Nope, not at the moment (would be nice though . . .). There is a thread or two of a few of us who have been using it under boot camp and parallels.

    Those links should give you a good starting point.

  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Eric is correct. Hog 2PC is a Windows appplication and will not run natively in Mac OSX. Hog 2PC is also a product that is no longer in development and you shouldn't expect it to ever be ported to a different operating system.

    Is there a reason you're using Hog 2PC? Do you have an existing Wholehog 2 show file that you need to work with? Hog 3PC offers some significant advantages and we are working very hard to continue improving it and release regular updates.
  • KyleT85KyleT85 Registered User
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    I Simply use Hog 2 because Hog 3 sucks and doesnt work, it didnt want to work unless it had a connection to the internet I dont want my Hog computer on the internet, since windows is prone to getting a virus just be being turned on.

    This is why i dont use HOG 3 its just not stable and i dont trust it.
  • eboxereboxer Registered User
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    First off, you don't need to be connected to the internet to use hog 3 pc, at the very least you can install the MS loopback adapter to make it think its connected to a network.

    What stability issues are you referring to? And what part of the system "sucks" and "doesn't work"? I'm sure if you explain those a little bit more Tom and the rest of the team could take a look those issues to help make the system better.

    if you are talking about older versions of the software (anything older than 1.4.3 at the oldest) a lot of those bugs have been worked out and some new features have been added.
  • KyleT85KyleT85 Registered User
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    Last december of 06 we installed HOG 3, we put it on a network,
    1. It shouldnt need to see a network to opperate, you should be able to tell it that its a standalone, 2. VERY UNSTABLE it froze every time you did 10 cues.
    3. Half of the add ons were not necessary
    Hog 2 is stable doesnt freeze up, and never crashes, i have a weekly event that i have to do and i have rely on my lighting console to be up and running every week, otherwise Im up shit creek.

    Hog 3 did not impress me, and was way to busy Hog 2 is simplistic and does the job perfect for all Static and Moving application.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    KyleT85 wrote:
    It shouldnt need to see a network to opperate, you should be able to tell it that its a standalone.

    H3PC will run just fine as a standalone provided you are using the Loopback Adapter which essentially emulates a network connection. So you need not worry about "getting a virus" from the internet.

    I was a H2 user for almost 10 years, personally I've found the H3 platform much easier and even faster to program once you understand it.

    There is a learning curve though from H2 to H3 though. Don't expext to just sit down in front of an H3 and be able to go...I've found it takes experienced H2 programmers about an hour to "get" the changes and then they're learning all the cool new advanced features from there.
    KyleT85 wrote:
    2. VERY UNSTABLE it froze every time you did 10 cues.

    Really? I've not had such issues. Can you list you system spec? Were you trying to run off a mac?

    If you can reliably reproduce the "freeze" then you should report such issues so they can be fixed.
    KyleT85 wrote:
    3. Half of the add ons were not necessary

    So I take it you like having to press extra keys to Merge data? Or maybe you prefer the old B&W touch screens that were difficult to calibrate reliably?....I could go on.....

    I think the H3 is a HUGE advancement form H2....that's why I bought one, and not an H2 or GrandMA, Virtuoso, Vista, Maxxyz, Avo, or compulite.
    KyleT85 wrote:
    Hog 2 is stable doesnt freeze up, and never crashes

    I dunno I've seen some H2s go down ugly.....fortunately we had spares.

    Feel free to disagree with me, but I love my H3 and I've toured all over with it and I have yet to have it actually stop a show....:headbang:
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    OK to be fair kyle started this thread asking about Hog II PC and Macbook and all he wanted to know was some simple information.
    If he isn't interested in Hog III maybe it's his loss.

    On the other hand if forum users have strong feelings about high end products maybe they should look at what they have written before they post.
    If i want to get consistant,free,factual and prompt replies to my posts in this forum i don't think i would have said "because Hog 3 sucks and doesn't work" without first asking the question is this really going to get me a reply when i do need help in the future....

    move on.
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    As I mentioned above, Hog 2PC will not run natively on Mac OS. You would need to run bootcamp or parallels to run Hog 2PC on a Macintosh, and this is not a configuration that we encourage or support. There have been a number of discussions here in the forums about people who have been running this way successfully, so you could certainly search for those threads and see if other users have any tips for you.

    I don't think you're going to find much support here for generalizations like "Hog 3 sucks and doesnt work" or "windows is prone to getting a virus just be being turned on".

    Many of the regular posters here in the forums are advocates for the Wholehog 3, dedicated users, console owners, and people who pay their bills by programming Wholehogs. I was a Wholehog 3 owner and freelance programmer before working for HES and I've programmed many large shows (16+ universes) with great results on the Wholehog 3. I also see that it gets faster, more stable, and more feature-rich with each release.

    If you have any interest in discussing any specific issues that you may have had with Wholehog 3 or talking about how we're working to make it better and who's out on the road using it now, please feel free to contact me directly. I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have.

  • KyleT85KyleT85 Registered User
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    I would love nothing more than to use the Upgraded version of any program, Im always looking for the upgrade,

    I was just curious at the begining about running Hog 2 on OSX I run currently on a desktop PC * ashamed to say what brand *

    The PC I run is a compact presario with XP pro.
    It runs stable, i have the programing wing and Playback wing.
    I have had no problems at all actually with what i am running,

    I work once a week with this church using this software to do their concert style lighting, ide love nothing more than to do full time lighting, i just havent gotten my name out there yet.

    HOG3 wanted to see a network and i consulted a full time LD ( not at liberity to say whom ) He said that the version of HOG3 was faulty at the time, i dont know if there has since been a re-release on hog3 for PC.

    Hog 2 is more stable for me, at the moment i am happy with it.

    Other than that no other complaints.

    Thankyou for all your input.
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