Removing Cues / Scenes from faders

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Hi Folks:

I am still fiddling with the Hog3PC and loving it more and more -- if i have put a series of cues (or a scene) on a fader (master) and i need to get rid of it how is that accomplished?




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    If you hold down the Delete key and press the Choose key for the master, this will unattach the cuelist, scene, or inhibitive submaster from that playback master. This *will* not actually delete the object that was attached. Cuelists will still exist in the cuelist directory and they can be run as virtual masters or attached to a different playback.

    For sake of making this explanation a bit simpler, I'm going to use a cuelist as an example. The same applies to scenes or inhibitive submasters (groups).

    If you actually delete the cuelist attached to a master it will also be removed from the master. This can be done in one of 3 ways:

    1) Hold delete and press the button for it in the cuelist directory.
    2) Press the button for the cuelist in the cuelist directory, then press Delete.
    3) Use the syntax "List X Delete", where X is the cuelist number that is shown on the playback bar.

    I hope this helps.
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    Excellent - thanks Tom
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