Help needed with trackspots

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I have inherited this 4 older trackspots, the ones without rotating gobos.
When I recieved them 2 were working fine and 2 would go through their start up and then the pan motor would stop at full left pan and make a strange constant whining noise, they would then try to reset. at no stage did the lamp strike.
well, 1 of the trackspots that was working is now doing exactly the same thing as the dead 2.
I hope that my description of the problem is understandable????
I have replaced the lamps and this is not the problem.
I would really appreciate some advice as i was hoping to set up these lights for my sons birthday party
Paul from Aus


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    chris_litz wrote:
    watch the wheels home and they should go into position pretty quickly. If one (or both) slowly turn & never make it to home then you have a bad sensor (or sensors). If they don't turn at all you could have bad motors, bad motor drivers, bad wiring, or even bad PCB.

    Or my personal favorite problem with these is when someone bends the gate shutter while changing a lamp and the shutter jams itself into the color sensor and breaks it:angryfire:
  • midknightmidknight Registered User
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    Ya it sounds like either the sensor is blocked,dirty,broken or disconnected
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    midknight wrote:
    Ya it sounds like either the sensor is blocked,dirty,broken or disconnected

    Good point!
    Speaking of sensors,... Clean the entire unit. Air (not out of a can...real air @ 80psi) will blow the crap out of the sensors located at the bottom of each wheel. (the little black things) Clean the fan too but don't let it spin!!:nono: I use a chopstick to keep the fan from spinning.

    I use a toilet bowl brush I reformed to insert in the exhaust port to clean outflow. I works great. Watch out for nasty dust! There might be a lot. FYI.. It aint healthy!:beerchug:
  • paul jacksonpaul jackson Registered User
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    Thanx for all the help guys, I bought 4 more of these beasts for spare parts for $100. I now have 5 up and running, the problems were all down to wheel sensors.
    2 of them still have a lock up if the fixture is powered down with the wheels in some positions,If i physically move the color wheel so that the gap is just before the sensor , on powere up the wheel will complee a full rotation and then stop at the sensor a away she go's.
    I may have to put a lighting cue labelled trackie shut down in my light jockey open white open gobo?
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