Studio Color Shutter Problems?

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I have two studio colors 575s right next to each other, and one of them will not illuminate. The lamp is struck, and no errors appear, but the shutter won't open or something. Would that motor go out and not trigger an error?


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    if that motor fails there is no error,
    As there is no sensor for that motor,
    It homes to a hard stop.
    The iris on a color also will not trigger a error if the motor fails.
    With the problem you are having, it could be either the shutter or the iris has failed.

    And FYI
    On the studio spot, focus, frost, iris, and both shutter motors all home to stops, so no errors if they fail.

    Joshua Wood
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    Bad motor. Replace it. Those take a lot of heat, and heat degrades the magnetics in the motors. In studio spots and generally any fixture that uses 2 motors replace them both.

    In a SCOL remove the 4 screws holding the color head to lamp head.
    Un plug the main wire harness at the plug.
    Flip over the color head.
    There's is the shutter. Un do the hex screw holding the shutter to the motor.
    Loosen the 4 main screws on the stand-off's and one going into the side plate.
    You now have access to the motor. It's an ov#3. Use a small screwdriver to loosen the screws holding down the motors. *watch the standoff's!* Replace the motor and plug in the new one.

    Re assemble. Takes 15 min. Have a well lit area and a place to put the screws as you take it apart.:)

    Or send it to me or HES for repair. I can do 24 hr turnaround, your choice.
  • The BOCPThe BOCP Registered User
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    What is the model number for the shutter motor?
  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    Part Number

    For Future Reference Parts list is availiable at

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Joshua Wood
  • 1dcowart1dcowart Registered User
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    It probably is the motor(s). I just bought 8 used xspots from a company out of Vegas and had to put in 16 dimmer/shutter motors. Over half of the motors were almost seized. When I tried to move the shutter doors they were really tight. It was a good some of money at $51 per motor. I would definately recommend replacing both motors if you find that is the problem.
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    Well I will help you find out quickly whats wrong before you tear your bulkheads apart.
    Do a self test with the lens bezel off using these steps.
    I will give all steps in case you do not know the control panel.

    1: Hold down both Menu and Enter buttons until the LOCK message goes away and should display MENU - hit enter
    2: Scroll down using the UP/Down buttons until you see TEST on the display - hit enter
    3: Scroll down again with the buttons until you see SELF on the display - hit enter
    4: You should see ALL. Now scroll down to SHUT (shutter) or DIM (iris douser) to test one or the other. Hit Enter with your choice
    5: If the iris or shutter is working properly you will see the iris opening and closing or if the shutter you will hear a slapping sound with a blade like swishing noise. This is a good start as if you do not have these there is a definite problem
    6: Now once you have isolated if something is wrong you have atleast two possible problems. A: Dead motor B: Logic Board problems (dead driver chip most likely)
    The motor is the most common failure but a quick way to check the motor is to use the above steps. Once you stop the self test you can try to manually try to move the non working motor if it will not move at all then seized and the motor if it moves too easily then it is dead which is more than likely the driver chip.
    Good luck all though it could be more or less complicated than this I hope this helps
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    on a side note,
    You don't have to hold both the menu and enter, just menu.
    no big deal,
    And if you have a good High end dealer in your area, you shouldn't have to pay 51 per motor, thats 6 dollars over MSRP,
    pretty ridiculous...

    Just FYI
    Joshua Wood
  • The BOCPThe BOCP Registered User
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    I bought a bunch of motors off of eBay and was wondering if I could use them for this. They replace the iris motor, but not the shutter.

    The problem is intermittent. I haven't really noticed a pattern yet, but I suspect it might not work after the light has been on for a while, e.g. it gets knocked out by the heat. Anybody have any leads on where I can buy a replacement motor for this that might be less expensive than High End?

    And Puffyfish, thanks for the offer, but this will give me something to do at work next week.

    Thank you all for your help.
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