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Does anybody know how to randomize effect macros?
:17: I know how to get the effect.. but all the lights move the same way, how do i make each light move randomly from each other?



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    The best way to achieve this is to FAN the OFFSET of the effect.

    For example, if you want to "randomize" a Pan/Tilt effect you could select your fixtures, open the effects engine, put a sine wave on pan and tilt, and then FAN the OFFSET of the effect by holding down the FAN button and turning the encoder wheel that is labeled "effects offset". Alternatively you can fan the offset by selecting the offset cell in the effects window and entering a range of values such as 1>180.

    The help manual has a more detailed description of what can be achieved using fanning in section 15.4.
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    the fan button might play a significant role in this situation.
    give your fixtures whatever effect. Push the fan button and choose one of the available option ( normal, start, center, end) and spin the offset wheel.
    That is the fastest way to do it.
    if you want to get your effect evenly spread than little bit of math is required.
    let's say you have 10 fixtures.
    1 thru 10 [enter]
    [Open] [Effect]--> the effect engine window opens.
    select the tilt cell press set and enter whatever function let's say [Step]
    adjust size and rate as required.
    select the offset cell and type 0>224.
    Now you should have the function spread evenly thru your range of fixture. In fact you have a 36° difference between each fixture.
    (360/X)x(X-1)---> (360/10)x(10-1)= 224.
    If yuo want to get your effect applied to one fixture at the time adjust the effect lenght to approx. 20%.
    Hope this helps
    Sorry Chris didn't want to interfere but when I started writing your reply was not here yet!!!!
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