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dillondillon Registered User
I've got 4 Mac 550's on a hog1000 running v. 3.20. All 4 have been patched in extended mode (I need the 16-bit resolution for zoom and focus). When I select one or more of the 550's set intensity to "Full", the output only shows the 4 fixtures at 83%. Similarly, selecting one or more fixtures and assigning an intensity of 99% will display "82%" next to the selected fixtures. Any suggestions on how to modify this so that I can open the dimmer to a full 100%?

Another caveat... I'm not sure if it's related: when I view the patch by channel, my fine dimmer channels for each unit say "fine dimmer at 18%".


  • mikewoodldmikewoodld Registered User
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    Could it be some type of profile set on that dimmer? I don't know how that could've been like that unless it was set by someone.

    It seems like that fine dimmer 18% thing might be the culprit, since it is so close to the difference between 100 and your numbers.

    I'm just shooting in the dark though, I really don't know.
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
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    Hello, can you try patching another fixture type and see if you get the same results? You may have a bad Grand Master fader or something similar.

    You can also look in the Event Monitor and see if the values for the Grand Master go from 0-255 or are they stopping before 255.

  • dillondillon Registered User
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    Follow up:
    I ended up updating my console's software to the current version (after I finally tracked down a PC with a floppy drive) and re-added the 550's. No more problems! I'm chalking this one up to a bad profile.

    Thanks for the suggestions and help.
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