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Ok I've got a powerscan 150H. Quit working.... found 2 burnt Diodes on the board replaced them and POP the C21 cap popped/burnt. I am hopeing that someone somewhere has a working unit that I could get a couple of pictures of. Mainly of the logic card. I want to make sure I replace the cap with the right one, AND that I have the diodes going the right way. The transformer seems to be putting out the right voltage, and the lamp keeps fireing. So I've got that going for me. WOOT.:headbang:
Any help is appreciated



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    Those were made in England. A failed attempt to compete with the cheap crap Martin makes for dinky clubs.:dunce: Bad idea. They lasted only a few months and was given up on. For the life of me I cant remember who made them.:no:
    Compared to the American made lighting from HES they were pure junk.
    I'd toss'em in the junk pile. Chris might remember. Try sending him an e-mail or contact Don Pugh @ lightparts.com. It gives me the willys just thinkin about them.
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