Whole Hog III show from catalyst to axon

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Hello everybody! I have a simple question. I have programmed a show using Whole Hog III, catalyst server, and a DL.1. I am going to be switching from the catalyst server to an axon server in a month or so. I was wondering if I can simply re-load my show, make sure the library I work from has the same files, and run the show with no problems.

Is this possible?


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    The short answer is probably not.

    The biggest issue you will face is the media file format. Catalyst uses .MOV (Quicktime) files and Axon uses .MPG (MPEG-2) files. So all of you content will need to be converted. Additionally the stock media files and folders differ from Axon to Catalyst.

    Axon and Catalyst work in vastly different ways, and although the H3 is very good at changing fixture types, the "fixture stucture" if you will is also VASTLY different.

    Keep in mind that Axon/DL.2 works in a dynamic 3-D environment, whereas Catalyst works in a fixed one (the layers cannot move in 3-D space even).

    Axon has a Global fxiture where Catalyst does not so things like keystoning get very messy here. You might have some success changing type from a Catalyst Layer to a Axon Graphic Object....you will definitely lose all your FX as they are treated totally differently on the two platforms.

    Personally I would plan to start from scratch with an AXON, b/c trying to make a showfile with Catalyst work is going to end up being more work.

    A middle ground solution might be to patch your AXON into your existing show and then try "cloning" as much info from your Catalyst layers into either the Global or Graphic on your AXON.

    Still a better solution might be to get a DL.2 and lose your DL.1 and AXON. The DL.2 has some distinct advantages. First you are not running wires from the server to the projector b/c it is built in. Second the encoders on the DL.2 are much higher resolution, so postions repeat much better. Also depending when your DL.1 was made the DL.2 may have a much better light engine (i.e. projector).

    At any rate I hope some of this is helpful....good luck:)
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    Thank you!
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