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Hey Guys, is it possible to disable the function that keeps the axons from turning on if it does not have 2 monitors attached? I have a show in 2 weeks that is using 7 units and would love to not have to set up 20 monitors(Axons, consoles, etc). The CMA output would be most helpful...



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    As we discussed on the phone. This is a function of the video card and is not something that has proved easy for us to disable.

    Bug #7820 is logged for us to force it to keep both display adapters enabled at all times.

    Here's what the video card is currently doing:

    1. On power up it detects the display devices that are connected.
    2. If there is only one display device connected that becomes the primary display, no matter what. The primary display is the Graphics Engine so it will boot up to black unless there is DMX and content being told to play.
    3. If you later connect another display device, then it will won't be recognized by the system unless it is rebooted again. At which point it will then display the local Axon interface on the secondary screen.

    The only way to force it now would be to have a KVM or an Extron video splitter connected to the outputs at the server so that no matter what the video card sees something hanging off both of the display ports on each server.
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