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if anyone is bored or has some spare time could they have a look at the link below and maybe post

It's a DVI-D amp which i'm hoping to mount in an axon rack so i can have a preview monitor at FOH and send the axon output elsewhere.
As i'm not 100% on av terminology can someone explain what they mean that the "DDC signal is routed to output 1".
if anyone has seen something like this that you can manually switch the output's on/off would appreciate,did see one where you could select 2 outputs that you wanted active,as i could then preview server content before it's live so to speak,

Regards C


  • nathanfoytnathanfoyt Registered User, HES Staff
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    Hi Cormac,
    DDC is a protocol exchanged between the computer and the Monitor which enables the computer to determine the type of monitor, supported resolutions, refresh rate etc. I believe in the case of this device that DDC only goes to the Output 1 or Local Monitor port. Basically you will only get the device discovery information from whatever is connected to Output 1. It makes sense it would likely confuse the heck out of Windows otherwise. The other thing is that these are DVI-D which I believe means they will only carry the DVI signal and no VGA. So you couldn't stick a DVI to VGA adapter on to the end of one of these and connect to a monitor that only has a VGA in.
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    Hi Nathan,
    Please correct me if i'm wrong but isn't the output from axon DVI-D?
    Can you explain why i can use an adaptor from the axon output and use a DVI > VGA convertor but i wouldn't from a DVI-D amp or splitter?
    just wondering,thanks for your post.

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    Hi Cormac

    Output from Axon is DVI-I which is analog and Digital format hence you can convert to VGA (Analog)
    DVI-D is purely digital
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