Changing fixture unit numbers

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After I add 4 Mac550's to a show containing only desk channels, how do I change them so that instead of showing Mac550 1-4, it labels them as Mac550 101-104? The manual makes a reference to it, but never mentions how to do it. I'm using a Hog1000 running v. 3.20.


  • justinpmajustinpma Registered User
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    with the max550 selected, go to the patch window and press the 'Edit Fixture' on the top.
    then press 'set button' on change the '1,...' which is right below the
    'User num'
    type in 101, enter ok after that.

    you can change individual too, just select the which fixture and change the user number.
  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    If you are reading the Hog 1000 manual, I suggest you look at the Wholehog 2 user manual instead. It contains much more information about the same software. Page 113 explains changing the user numbers.

    You can download this manual at:

    You might also want to download the "Wholehog Translation" guide that explains the differences between the Wholehog 2 and Hog 1000/500 so you know what applies from the Wholehog 2 manual:
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