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ksaundersksaunders Registered User
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Can anybody who has used a few DL2's in theatre or corporate "quiet enviroments" comment on the level of fan noise.Is it acceptable / intrusive etc.



  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    I haven't heard any issues about the noise levels here. They do get used in a LOT of corporate shows.

    We've had them used in some Theatre and a number of Church productions too. I'll let others that have been using them in those enviroments comment, but it has not been an issue that anyone has been bringing up to us here.
  • ahelgorahelgor Registered User
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    I haven't used them in a theater production, but i do a lot of theather/musicals/etc and I was lucky enough to spend some days at HES a coupple of weeks ago playing with them, and I personally would have no problem with the noise in any of the productions I do.. They are not silent, but they are sertainly not as noisy as some movers, so unless you have a really low seiling, and a super "quiet" production, I would say you have no problem with them at all..
    -of course noise is very subjective, but i am used to have to take noise into consideration on my productions if that helps..

    -why don't you buy a coupple and try for yourself? -By the time you've found out if they are silent enough or not, you'll be so in love with them that you'll sell your sould to the devil to convince the production manager/boss in charge that you just HAVE to use them ;) ;)
  • BrendanGrayBrendanGray Registered User
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    Regarding noise-

    I just used 2 DL-2's for the first time on a small corporate reveal this morning. My units were ground-supported very close to the audience and fan noise was a slight issue. It was an extreme situation though, as the units were only a few feet from the from row, in a very small room.

    As a guess, I'd say that the DL-2's are a little louder than most automated fixtures, but not terrinly much so. At a decent trim, noise will likely not be an issue. It is something to be aware of in smaller rooms though.

    I did enjoy using the fixtures though, and now hope to be able to convince my client to use more in the future
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Hey Brendan,

    For what its' worth, I've used DL.2s in a studio environment at trims of 10'-12' or so where they were much quieter than the VL 2k and VL 1k units in the rig.

    I would say that they are considerably quieter than most moving lights with forced-air cooling, but of course if your head is right next to the're going to hear everything.
  • BrendanGrayBrendanGray Registered User
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    You are right, I was in an extreme situation.

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