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So if I have a jpeg of a logo, and it has three colors (say red, blue, and yellow) on a black background; how many colors in the logo can I replace with a texture or video content? Can I pull the blue out and use a cloud graphic, and then also pull the black background out and use the third graphic layer as the background? Can someone explain the possibilties here.

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    You could key out two colors or pull two luma keys, but you still only see the composite image of the layers behind it(in DL.2's). You can't pull a key for a Green that would see only layer 2 behind it with another key that is pulled for Blue that can only see layer 1 behind it. Now there may be a way to get around this issue if you have time to play with your content. What you would try to do is have your two layers behind you keyed layer playing their content only behind the two seperate areas you are pulling keys for. It's rather complicated, dealing with making custom DirectX objects and if you want me to ramble down that road I can at anyone's request. A thing worth mentioning, you can erase all the parts of the logo that you want to "see through" and make it a .png file (which preseves an alpha channel, thus you don't eat up a FX). I think there is a thread devoted to .png files in the forum. Hope that helps.
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    edited February 2007's the thread on PNGs:

    They are not working properly right now with v 1.3.1, but should be OK in the next release.;)
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