deselecting fixture

justinpmajustinpma Registered User
example I have alot of fixture selected and programming moment.
is there anyway to deselect any fixture or group without re entering the fixture i want again?

something like ' - group 5 ' to have only the group remove form the programmerbut not the output?


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited January 2007
    Try using knockout.

    Select Group and then hit Knockout....this will cause all these units to go back to tracking/default values.

    If you want to record all exept your group, then select all others in your programmer and do a Record - Selected. (Remember Pig + Group will deselect as well)

    Hope this helps:)
  • justinpmajustinpma Registered User
    edited January 2007
    but knockout will bring the fixture back to default.
    and Pig+Group only work for group on the window, however not for certain fixture that is not save on group window
    I know I can record another fixture group, just wonderin is there such feature in hog 2

    just like i'm changing group 1 to yellow.
    and next I want to change to another color but excluding some fixture in group 1
    instead of pressing to select the group 1 - the fixture i want to exlcude
    is there anyway to simply press the fixture i want to exclude
    something like 'PIG - 101 thru 103'

    instead of pressing group 1 - 101 thru 103

    sorry for my bad english
    hope you understand
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
    edited January 2007
    If you want all of the fixtures in the Programmer selected except 101-103, you could actually select the fixtures 101-103.
    The press SELECT->INVERT.
    Select is in the toolbar on the lower portion of the right display on a Hog 2 console.
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    On the Wholehog 3, pressing minus (-) and then pressing a group or typing a fixture selection will remove that group or fixture selection from the active selection, but will keep them in the editor with their programmed values.

    Unfortunately, this isn't possible on the Wholehog 2. If you have selected using groups and have not begun to set values, then you can hold the Pig key and press the group that you wish to remove from the selection.
  • justinpmajustinpma Registered User
    edited January 2007
    using the INVERT is the fastest way.
    by the look of it, almost look like the same way hog do.
    hog 3 you press - , hog 2 you press INVERT.
    hog 2 still have alot of neat tricks not shown on the manual.

    thanks all for the quick response
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