Saving a HUGE show file! Floppy Slow!

lightboylightboy Registered User
Alrighty Ladies and Gents:

I'm wondering if anyone's tried to figure out a way to make a faster save happen with a WholeHog II...?

My showfile (which is used 365 days a year, 24 hours a day) uses THREE disks, soon to be FOUR. Updating weekly gets to be a chore when 25 minutes has to go towards each save of the show file. Also prevents me from not updating as often as I'd like when programming...

Has anyone come up with a solution to get a faster save out of the console? I'm assuming the drive can't be replaced with something like a SuperDisk...and I've seen floppys that take flash memory cards that transfer at 500 kb/s...but I believe you have to install software, and it must be a windows machine.

Any ideas? I'm assuming this doesn't come up too much :)


  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    Other than switching over to an iPC or Hog PC I think you are pretty stuck....
    Both of those desks can save to a Hard Drive, or Flash Drive, but with the hog 2, there really isn't much of a option other than floppies...
    Joshua Wood
  • jabadgerjabadger Registered User
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    Well, I'd really look at your programming and see if you can't do some cleanup. Do you really need to have all those cuelists or is most of it really old data that you could just archive and merge back in later if you really need it.

    Unblock all your cuelists too.
  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You should do like Jason says and unblock your cuelists. Also anything you do not need delete it, Pallets you are not using. All of this information is taking up you memory, deleting the things you don't use any more will help make the show smaller.
  • jankirchhoffjankirchhoff Registered User
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    There had been special floppy drives a long time (maybe mid 90s?!?) ago that would fit 2.88mb or even more on a disk. These drives did also save quicker on special disks and where compatible (in terms of the internal connection and protocol used) with normal ibmpc floppy drives. I saw a hog2 with such a drive once on a festival somewhere in southern germany a few years ago. This desk did definitely save faster than usual.
    But I'm sure these drives are not manufactured any more and I assume you need the special floppies to have the speed improvement - those will also be hard to find.
    I would suggest you buy a superwidget and use some PC with hog2pc. Working with such big shows on the 2 sucks, not only saving takes forever but the whole desk is getting very slow and a pain to work with. Whenever I did program large shows (especially with overdrive units), I loaded the shows in my laptop after having made the presets on the real desk and programmed 90% of the show blind.

  • lightboylightboy Registered User
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    Sorry everyone!

    Been busy...haven't had time to check, in fact I have to post something else, and I almost forgot I had this post on here! haha!

    Jason, I'll try to do some more unblocking. I've already unblocked most of them, and I haven't cut it down too much. The higher-ups are stuck in a "well we may use it any day..." so are prohibiting any deletion...not to mention deleting cuelists have to be done in two separate locations...I believe you might be familiar with our console, we'll talk later :)
  • jabadgerjabadger Registered User
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    Just remember, you can always just merge those cuelists back in when you need them.
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