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Hi All,
This is really minor but really annoying.
Can someone have a look at the axon acrobat manual,am trying to print the manual at home,but if you try and print odd pages only say 59-69 you don't get those pages as the appendix at the start has a very odd numbering system which is very fustrating if your trying to print both sides of the paper to reduce on waste,
Can someone let me know if this is my mistake

Best C


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    The .pdf page numbers are set up to reflect the actual page numbering. The front pages are numbered with roman numerals. Page 1 begins with the first page of Chapter 1. You can view this in the page tab to the left of the document. When you print the document, specify the page numbers as they appear in the page footers and you shouldn't have any trouble.

    Best of luck,
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    Hi Susan,
    thanks for your quick reply.
    don't get me wrong i know what roman numerals are but in my case i selected print all odd pages then put the paper in again and print odd that dosen't would have been easier for me to just have the first page start at 1 and finish at the last.
    To be honest i think it's a little mean that you don't get a printed manual with an expensive piece of technology but that's just my opinion.Have just tried three different print shops who are all quoting me in excess of 220euro for one colour copy.
    Again thanks for the reply Kind Regards Cormac
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    Hi Susan,
    try going to page number 33 as opposed to the acrobat page 33 of the axon manual and you'll see what i was trying to explain.The page nubers jump from 32 to 56 which i presume is for some information on DL-2?
    Thank you Cormac
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    Hi Cormac,

    You were right, there was a error in page numbering. It will be fixed in the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for alerting me to the problem.

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    Hi Susan,
    Would it be possible within the axon support homepage to have alink for just the manual updates as well as an update for the most current axon manual.Just want to print updates rather than the entire manual again,

    thanks in adavance.
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    This may be possible since most of the additions at this point are new effects that are being added. When I publish the next revision, I'll try and break out the chapters affected and publish them separately.
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