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So who has had luck with what Tablet PCs, and what special settings have you had to make to get it to work right?

--Chris Batchelor--
CBC Technical, Inc.


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    Hello Chris

    I'm using a "Fujitsu-siemens lifebook t-series", which is about 1.5 years old..., on the Splitter (dp2000) side I have a "Siemens Wlan-repeater 108" which I use as accespoint...

    For the moment I run the Tablet as slave for systemtesting and focus purpose.

    Important is only two things:
    1. everywhere the same softwareversion (I use bin1206)!
    2. to disable any Bluetooth, Firewire... adapters just everysthing what is not needed at that point.

    The rest as seen in the manual.. if it doesn't work right away, turn in the control panel of the Hog3Pc first a fix-ip... and then change it to optain automatic again... strange, but i tworks. (usually:notworthy:)

    I had the system crash on me, but it was always the dp's getting stuck. We let run about 250 Movinglights on 2 dp's yesterday, the problem is more there to find.


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