Connecting hog 3 and Dp 2000 on network

Tue KnudsenTue Knudsen Registered User
I have a small problem using my hog 3 on my network.

When i program a show using WYSIWYG, i used to be able to connect all the stuff using the switch on my existing network. (Optain address using DHCP) The router would automaticly connect my hog, dp, vision2000.

Now that does not work anymore..? :aargh4:
It stop`t working after 1201 i think..

I am using:

1 x WYSIWYG Computer
1 x DP 2000
1 x Vision 2000
1 x Hog 3 Console (1206)

Any ideas..??


  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    I'm not sure what problems you're having....I just finished a very long programming period with Wysiwyg and my III running 1206.

    I had the following equipment:
    1 Wyg Computer
    1 Laptop running Hog3PC (focus unit)
    1 DP2000
    1 Hog III
    2 ELC DMXLan Node 4
    2 Linksys ethernet switch

    I had no problems whatsoever getting everything communicating. I was using the III as the DHCP server and everything worked fine. I just had to make the server was running before powering everything else up so they could get their IP addresses from the III.

    Do you have the most recent version of the connecitivity driver? What version of Wyg are you running?

    Not sure if that helps or not, but I do know it is working....
  • Tue KnudsenTue Knudsen Registered User
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    Hi Jon.

    The problem was that:

    Connecting to a network using the external DHCP server is not working all the time.(I meen when you set the desk to optain ip) Sometimes when i log on to the network with the hog 3, the other items(DP200,WYG) is not connecting..

    The only way i could get it working was to turn on the DHCP server in the desk.

    And that works fine until our computer person finds me and tryes to kill me becource there is more than one DHCP server on the network... :-)

    It is not every time the same, but i have never had the problem before, it used to work fine.. I have it working again, but who knows for how long this time..

    I am on release 17 of WYG, and the first thing i tried was to update the connectivity software. :-)

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    First thing! If you can avoid it, DO NOT SHARE A NETWORK!
    The more devices you have on a network, the more possibility there will be for error. If you can' ask your network admin if he can create a VLan for all the nodes you have in your hog network. If he'sa good IT guy he will know what I am talking about. If he cannot create a Vlan for you then put two NICs in your Wyg and Vision computers so that one NIC is on the hog network and the other NIC is on the shared network. This way you can still get internet, email, etc on your computers. Just make sure no nodes for your Hog gear are on another network.
    I say this for two reasons. 1st reason is that the Hog gear creates network traffic for the rest of the network but the most important reason is that a Hog network is much more mission critical during a show and if some guy in the office down the hall does a web or multi cast by accident during a show then it could hose your show.
    If you can separate the Hog gear then run the gear with the Hog as the DHCP server. very simple.
    If you continue to share the network, the next alternative is to assign a static IP to all of your Hog gear that is on a different Subnet than the rest of the network. Talk to your IT guy about this. It should only be done if your Hog gear is all connected to a true Layer 2 network infastructure but at least everything would connect. In this scenerio, you would have your IT guy assign two IPs to the NICs in the computers. One for the Hog net and the second for seeing the other network.
    Once again, talk to your IT guy. If not, then the only thing you want to do is disconnect everything from a shared network so that the only devices you have are the Hog the Wig puter the Vis puter the DPs and Hog IOs and the Switch.

    If you have more questions then ask. This is a bit complex and might leave you a bit confused if it's new or unfamiliar
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    It's generally the best idea to keep your Wholehog 3 network separate from other networks. The Wholehog 3 network handles traffic for real-time distributed processing and uses a fair amount of multicast traffic to do this. If you need to have access to both a corporate network and your Wholehog network from your WYSIWYG computer, I would suggest separating your Wholehog network from your corporate network using a router (even a small consumer internet router will work). This would keep all of your Wholehog traffic off of the corporate network and would ensure that only the packets from the corporate network that are sent to your machine will end up on your Wholehog network.

    I hope this helps.
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