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We have a few 575 Studio Spot and Colors that are having some type of sensor issues. Syptom; fixtures power on and home but do not strike. Display reads a 'COOL' message, however, the fixtures are not hot because they were never on. What parts do I need, what do the sensors look like, where are they located with in the fixtures? ..Thanks Much!.. and sorry, Im new to this as you can probably tell, its just kind of up to me right now to deal with.


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    All I have as far as spare parts is a lamp power supply board. I swapped it and still have the same problem. So I assume the problem is in fact in the logic board? Before I spend a bunch of money on that, is there anything else I should check? or maybe something on the logic board that can be replaced? Because the truth of the matter is that we have 1 Studio Color 575 & 2 Studio Spot 575 that are all experiencing the same problem right now.
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    Yeah man, tried all of those things. The unit displays that it is tring to strike, and the strike counter goes up when I look at counter.? Just thought that this was a common symtom that every fixture sees after so many years, and once I found the answer thought maybe I would just order a few parts, replace, rinse and repeat.
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    Sounds like the way Im going to go, Much Thanks for your help.
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    Also try checking to make sure your power is clean. Power fluctuations or low voltage can cause problems like this as well.

    You are not trying to go non-dim through a dimmer or anything shady like that correct?
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    Just another thing to check,
    I know you have probably tried this, Have you tried a new lamp, or better yet, a lamp that you know works in another fixture?

    If the lamps are OK, then,
    When the lamp tries to strike, does the Lamp power supply make any noise?
    It should be making a clicking noise,
    If it does, then check the ignitor card, it also should be making a clicking noise while the lamp is trying to strike..
    If both of them are not clicking the problem could lie with the LPS..
    OR as people have mentioned it still could be a problem with the logic card.
    But if the LPS is clicking but the ignitor is not, the problem is probably in the ignitor card.

    If there is no clicking from the ignitior or LPS, I know you already replaced the Lamp power supply, but just for kicks, I would meter out the 2 fuses on the board as well just in case..

    And of course I am sure you have double checked the cable that runs between the logic card and the LPS is still plugged in and is in good shape.

    And to be honest, I may be crazy but I swear I have seen my studio 575's making a COOL message for no reason on more than a few occaisions,
    kinda like fan errors on xpot.

    Good luck,
    Let me know if I can be any more help.
    Joshua Wood
    Service Manager
    Ruehling Associates Inc.
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    Long shot... How old are they? Carbon in the lamp socket or a leaky wire going to ground will have the effects described. Older units lamp holders and wires go bad sometimes from wear and tear. Check LPS fuses and all connections. Igniter card is a good bet also. The com cable between the LPS and the logic board can back off sometimes...
    Or check the voltage going to the igniter, ought to be 24+ at start then drops. Better yet, get an RA and send them to HES or a good tech.

    On the 575 it is my experience the when you get sensor errors, it's the motors that have gone bad. Their sensors are almost bulletproof.
    Bad part is to a non tech tearing down the entire top end to replace motors ain't easy. Being so if the units are over 3 years old just replace em all.
    The 575 CMY zooms are a special treat getting the color wheels set properly. It's an art.:D I have 20 or so and if a motor goes bad you might as well call for a pizza, you're gone be here for a while.;) Remember the exact order of tear down or your gonna be here longer!:blackeye: Not for the timid.
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    Thanks for all the input guys. Im glad to hear of your past problems so I better know the kinds of things to look out for.
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