Swiching type and more

amir877amir877 Registered User

In the last weak i did very big work with all the Change type option and replicating fixture during my shows so i have a couple request regarding it.

1) I want the ability to do a change type by parameters,

For example: i have a show with 10 Mac 500 + 4 Mac 600 and i add 4 mac 2000 to the show, what i want is that the Mac 2000 will get the position and Color from the Mac 600 and the Beam from the Mac 500.

2) i want the ability to do reference bitween different fixture types,

For example: i replicate 2 mac 600 and now i have 4, if i change something in the cue to the "source" mac 600 (1+2), the "copys" 600 (3+4) will change to.
More, i want to do that even to a regular fixturs, let say Mac 600 12 reference to mac 600 24 and do it even with differente type so every time i change intensity in the Mac 600 i do it to mac 500 to (Mac 600 1 reference to mac 500 1>4).

3) when i change type, i want the "changed" fixture will go automatically to the groups that the original fixture was with the same number,

For example: I have group 1 with 10 mac 500, i change type for mac 500 7 to mac 2000, now i want the mac 2000 will be in group 1 in number 7 so every time i press 7 or any group that include mac 500 7 i will get the mac 2000 instead.

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