Uploading Content to a Collage Array

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I just did a show last week that was a 3 X 1 collage array, double stacked making that (6) DL-2's overall. I uploaded all the content (about 60 pieces) to one DL-2 and set up the DMX structure of the content on that fixture as well. I proceeded to clone the content to all the other fixtures as well so they would all be the same when it came time to do Collage.

What was frustrating was when we would make updates to files themselves (push more contrast, sharpen, etc..) and then we would have to upload them to all the fixtures again. It takes a while to put each piece of content and set the DMX addresses on each individual DL-2. The other option is even slower where I upload the updated content to one fixture and set the DMX addresses on the content then clone the content to all the other fixtures. That process deletes all previous content then loads everything again.

Did I miss a function that would cover what I'm looking for? It would be a handy tool if there was a "deploy content w/address" tool. It should let you select content from the local machine the CMA is running on, set the DMX address then deploy it to all. In the case there is a piece of content already at that DMX address, the the "deploy content w/address" tool should change the existing content to a DMX value of "0". Thanks for your time!


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    You did not miss the function, as there is no current way to do something like you are intending. This is something that we have had many customers request, and its annoys certain software testers at High End (*cough* me *cough*). Everything works as it should, but like you said its quite time consuming when you want to get a few new files on to a large number of fixtures.

    We are working on a solution to this and have a few different ideas on how to do it. Keep your eye open for improvements in the not so distant future. :ninja:
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    Thank's Matt. The show went without a hitch. It looked pretty good too. Our marketing guy is putting together a press release so there will be photos of it soon.

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