HES Releases New Axon/DL.2 Software

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V1.3 software adds new features, enhances functionality

November 30, 2006

New software enhancing High End Systems’ DL.2 digital light and Axon media server has been released today. Software v1.3 is now available for immediate download from the HES Support website at the link below.

Axon is High End Systems' new media server offering all the graphics engine capabilities of DL.2 but in a rack-mount version. The new v1.3 software includes all the new features of DL.2 and Axon shown at the LDI 2006 trade show including Enhanced Collage Generator, expansion of the Collage Generator of up to 8x8 arrays with increased resolution, and a number of new effects. It also includes many software improvements including networking improvements for the DL.2 and the Content Management Application (CMA).

Details of the software release notes are available from the website at www.highend.com. All new DL.2s and Axon media servers will ship from High End Systems with this new software release.

Says Scott Blair, HES director of digital lighting development. "This is a significant release for us that brings a lot of features and enhancements we developed during the course of our Axon development to the DL.2 fixture. We've listened to our customers and provided new effects that have been requested by all different market segments as well as significant improvements to areas such as networking that benefit everyone."

Media contact:
Debi Moen, HES marketing communications specialist, phone 512-836-2242 x 1204.
Read More at http://www.highend.com/support/digital_lighting/DL2andAxonSoftwareUpgrades.asp
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