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Hi there everyone. First off please let me apologise for jumping in at the deep end and getting into something I should have studied more before buying!
I am 43 years old and play in a rock covers band called Rock Legacy. (
I decided to aquire a simple easy to use lighting system comprising a DMX master 1 controller, 2 i-color 4 heads and 4 dynamo party scanners.
I have connected from the controller to left i-color, then to scanner 1 -scanner 2- scanner 3- scanner 4 then rite i-color with a dmx terminator. . . . . . .pheeeeewww.
I have set the addresses on the i-colors to dip 1 and the party scanners dip 1-5.
I seem to be able to set scenes on the scanners at this but cant get the i-colors to work.icon8.gif
If anyone can help PLEEEEAAASSEE do. Just remember I am a total novice at this so simple is best!


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    Hello, unfortunately I am not sure anyone here is familiar with those fixtures and controller. This site specializes in suport for products from High End Systems and Flying Pig Systems.
    You may want to contact the manufacturer of the gear you purchased.

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