OnScreen Keyboard no longer displays after numerous Calls

aphylotusaphylotus Registered User

doing an event with the iPC,where I need a lot of Cue Labeling, I noticed that the on-screen keyboard comes up (Doublepressing Set), but after a lot of presses (>50) it does not show up. I reported a bug on the OnScreen KeyBoard quite a while ago,defect #8504. (Keyboard not working after 55 Calls), maybe related (As far as I remember, this defect was fixed in an earlier version) ?

Here pressing set once, whille enabling editing in the cue list, a second press on "set" will do nothing, no flashing keyboard window, no focus loss on the inputbox, it simply stays. Deselecting the Inputbox, and trying to edit another slot, no keyboard. I was in a hurry, so I restarted the iPC, it worked afterwards.

Happened 4 times yesterday, not sure, but would say at the same intervall of keyboard calls.




  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    It looks like you're absolutely right. I was just able to get my internal keyboard on one of my Hog iPCs to stop opening after I opened it for the 56th time.

    I'm not entirely sure what's happened here, but I've reopened defect #8504 and I'll make sure that the developer that fixed the problem takes another look.

    Thanks for the good report.
  • aphylotusaphylotus Registered User
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    Hi Tom,

    You're welcome :)
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