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So i really like the Change Type option but there is a option to "Clone to different Type" ? i mean, the show have mac 500, i add 2 mac 2000 to the show and i want all the setting from the mac 500 move to the mac 2000 to, just like the Change type option but without the "Change".
Maybe like the replicate option but replicate to different type, let say "mac 500 replicate to mac 2000" or something like that...



  • ahelgorahelgor Registered User
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    havent tried this, but what about replicate, and then change the replicas?
  • sicklouiesicklouie Registered User
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    I've done both replicate and change type quite a bit. Both work quite nicely. Note that when you change fixture types - changing a Mac 500 to a Mac 2000 will only give you reliable Position, Intensity and some Beam data. Because the color and gobo mechanisms are so different (color mix vs. color wheels, etc) you'll have to do extensive touch-up, merging of cues and pallettes. If your so lucky as to be able to change from say VL3000 Spot to Mac 2000 - you'll have much less editing.
  • amir877amir877 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Ye thats a nice trick, take some time but a nice trick.
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Anders has the best solution for this problem. If you add new fixtures of a new type to your show, but want to copy the programming from existing fixtures, the best way to do this is to replicate the fixtures you want to copy from and then change the replicated fixtures to the proper type for the fixtures that you're adding.

    I hope this helps.
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