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I have two consoles on the same network right now, and I'm just curious before I experiment...
1) If the main console is on Page 2 and has an Inhibitor fader down, and the secondary console is on Page 1 with all it's faders up, what happens to the Inhibitor when the secondary console goes to Page 2?
2) If the main console is running List/22 Cue/4 on Master 6, and the secondary console(which is on a different Page) has something in its programmer that needs to merge into that cue, the syntax isn't Merge 6 Enter, right? Because the secondary console doesn't have that cuelist in its playback bar. So would the proper syntax be Merge List 22 Cue 4 Enter? Is there another way?
3) Anything tips when running two consoles? It kind of makes me nervous, knowing that one of the consoles could accidently overide the output of something.


  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Okay, I just discovered one thing.
    I had both consoles on Page 1. Master 7, which is an Inhibtor, was down on both consoles. When I took the secondary console to Page 2, the fixtures that were being Inhibited came up. I put the secondary console back to Page 1 and the Inhibitor worked again. Keep in mind, at no time did I bring fader 7 up on either console. I believe the only thing that happened after the 2nd console had gone to Page 2 was a cue was triggered on one of the other masters. Any thoughts about this?
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    1) If you change page to the page that a different console is on, the levels of the console that is already on that page should have priority. If the fader levels are different on the console that is changing pages, those fader levels should be what we call "unlocked" and you should see on the playback bar that the fader isn't currently controlling the level of the cuelist.

    2) The syntax for merging into a cue that is not currently attached to a physical master is:
    Merge List
      / [Cue #] Enter
      For your example above, you would use Merge List 22/4 Enter.

      3) I don't really have any general tips for running multiple consoles. If you can tell me a bit about why you're working with multiple consoles, I might be able to give you some ideas about how to take advantage of the system. It's important to remember that we don't have a tracking backup solution yet. When working in a mult-console environment, we only run one show server on the server console. If your server console goes offline, all clients will as well. I will generally network my consoles during programming so that I can have multiple operators working on a single show file, but when I'm playing back I will run both consoles as servers with their own copy of the show file and use MIDI Show Control to keep them linked together.

      We're tracking some problems with changing pages in but #10198. It is possible for playbacks to be released inappropriately when changing pages, but we're currently working to resolve this.

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