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had a thought which may have been discussed before so sorry if it has,since the latest software release and the new developments with connectivity of console's would it be possible for real time diagnosis of bug's,issue's,conflict's that are occuring on console's/machine's.

What i'm thinking of is a way for the console to connect to a perhaps a virtual console so someone at highend or another support area or perhaps even experienced members of the high end forum could see what was happening and have access to the show network.

It would negate the process of having to upload show's for diagnosis and would be perhaps a slightly quicker way of dealing with serious issues as they were occuring.
Not every request is serious but i'm sure we have all had situations where it would have been good to be able to get on the spot help from a 24 hour support team that may have seen a similar issue or problem.

this isn't a request but more of a question and i'm not saying that the support the high team offer is bad as i have always got fantastic help no matter how small or large my request,

Regard's C

Cheers C


  • Frankv1234Frankv1234 Registered User
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    Dear c

    I support your idea but there are some technical problems at the customer site I think. If there are people who think they can solve this issues please let me know but this are my experiences.

    I do regularly connect to my office using a vpn connection. This works ok when I use my own umts / gprs connection. If I use wireless lan of the location this sometimes gives problems. This can concern router issues or port settings or firewall privileges. The problem of the umts / gprs connection is still the data transfer is very slow.

    To Connect your hog to a high end online support center you will need a pc or router with vpn facilities that connect trough a vpn to high end (you will need permissions from the high end side to do this !!) further more you will need a open internet connection with the dp (s) and the consoles (s) in the dmz (de militarized zone) of your firewall or correct port forwarding settings to the console(s) and dp (s). When you are using the (wireless) lan of the location you can’t adjust this settings because this is normaly done by the it administrator of the venue. My experiences with this type of connections is that everything except of using internet and email is completely locked of security reasons.

    So using your own connection with umts / gpsr seems to be the most ideal situation./ But….. For this settings & usage the umts / gprs mobile solutions are just to slow, conneting to a show server will take a very very long time. Online checking of communication between network nodes will not be possible or unreliable.

    Posting your show file on the internet of an ftp server is at the moment the quickest solution. If you experience network problems post your problems on the forum and people will come with there best ideas.

    Again this is just my idea and if there are people who have good ideas or solutions please post because if there are solutions to get this working without a tourbus of IT people I support the idea


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