Alternative Playback Devices

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On the Catalyst posts, there are references to ENTTEC which makes several DMX Artnet solutions.

Also on the ENTTEC site are alternative playback wings. One very specific wing has 60 push buttons for performing cue triggers. Of course they also have their version on a 10 fader playback wing.

What I want to know is if HES is willing to support this by adding functionality into the Wholehog PC software where a user could join several of these devices to a show. If not, I would love to see this implemented.

Of course there is a limited way to use the wings in a MIDI mode and I am wondering is this is functional for anyone else currently.


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    Hog 3PC software is provided as a free download that is fully functional. We recover our development costs by selling hardware that is designed to work with Hog 3PC for generating DMX, accepting timecode, and enhancing programming and playback. It is unlikely that we would spend the time writing software to specifically support devices that might reduce the amount of our own products we could sell. If you need something other than what we currently offer, your best options would be to either let us know what your needs are and see if we can develop something to meet your needs or find a product that can communicate with Hog 3PC using a protocol like MIDI.

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