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Reading another thread I thought of a wonderful enhancement.
When I program I usually build cues on faders in different styles.
When I open up the editors, I want to see different things side by side at different times.
Can we have a drop down menu that would allow us to pick different views in each editor and a function that remembers each editor's view. It would also be something where I would hope that column movements and resizing would be stored.
I can think of at least 7 or 8 different views. It would be nice to create a way to save them.


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    We're currently working on some changes to views that should improve performance and functionality. Part of the plans include better storing and recalling of spreadsheet information, like column visibility, ordering, and size, aggregation, and sorting.

    Rather than add new "view" functionality within spreadsheet windows, I think it would make more sense to take advantage of the fact that you can record additive views with a single window that will be able to recall all of the preferences and options for that window.
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    You add a good point. "Views" is a powerful tool. What I do notice though is that many times when I pick a view, the desktop process hangs why the system launches the (for example) editor I am calling in the view.
    My thought was only that creating view options within the editor/programmer as sub-processes that perhaps system loads and instability would be alleviated.
    What are your thoughts?
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