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was currently programming a lot of LED devices, and some thoughts came up my mind about the effect system:

The offset can be set from 0 to 360° in fan. Let's say I select 100 LED fixtures and I am doing a sine on the intensity, and fan them 0 thru 360 to have a chaser on all fixtures. I save this effect in the effect pallette. Now I select only 10 fixtures and apply the same effect. Here I see that the effect recorded still is working on the 100 fixtures, because only each 10th time the chase is visible.
Is this done by design or is it something I am doing wrong. I thing it would be nice to have the effects being applied as a whole effect (0 thru 360) on the fixtures You select, and the 360 degrees then apply only on these fixtures.
I could select groups of 10 LED,apply chaser, and I would have 10 chaser running parallel to each other.

I may do something wrong, because with the built-in effects this is working (must admit it was late yesterday)

Another idea would be, if You adjust the speed and the size of the effeect while the effect is on stage, the output is jittering during the wheel turn (normal, the effect is being recalculated). It would be nice to suppress this intermediate values, by, for example, pressing pig & encoder wheel of size or speed, offset .., and relasing pig, the new value will be applied. Some kinf of blind readjustment of the effect parameters.

And the one requested a few days ago, tapping on the speed of the effect would also be very nice.


  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
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    Hi tom,
    for the first point i think it's just a trouble with pallet effect, it will be good in futur (like on Hog 2).

    point 2 is good but not with pig, and last point we have a tapping for speed on master but some thing like Pig+ time +time +time +time for every times needs tapping should be great.
  • aphylotusaphylotus Registered User
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    Hi Steph,

    don't get your first quote, it will be good? You mean it has not been implemented in the Hog3, while it is in Hog2 (ages where I last played with a 2) I think it has something with the "global" effect, but I checked the manual, did not find anything about it in there. I guess a global effect might do the trick.

    It now seems that what I've done was specific to the fixtures I played with, so the "Effect 360°" are used for this number of effect I created it for. But the Effects marked as "global" apply to the ones selected, so I guess this is the trick, the ones I create are for a specified number of fixtures, whereas the global ones are spread among the fixtures selected.

    I'll have to try and play a bit more with this ones later on, never really looked deeply into that
  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
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    I can remenber (but it is real or a memory of hog2) that was working at the begining like evry pallets but FP stop that to reduce a bug and they will put it back later.
    i think there is already a thread on that point
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Enhancement #9971 is currently logged to discuss adding the ability of recording global effects palettes that include fanned offsets.
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