Welcome to the Axon Media Server Forum

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Welcome to the Axon Media Server Forum
This forum is dedicated for discussion of the newly released Axon Media Server. Axon is the standalone media server version of the DL.2 Digital Lighting Fixture.
Axon features the same Graphics Engine as the DL.2 and uses the same DMX protocol and offers the same features. This makes it the perfect media server companion to use on your DL.2 shows.
Product Information for the Axon Media Server can be found at: http://www.highend.com/products/digital_lighting/Axon.asp
Support information can be found at:


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    has there been an actual production use of Axon yet? I am using two on a show this weekend and was hoping i will be the first one..

    Stand by for the posts.............:aargh4:
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    fuji0050 wrote: »
    The Axon Media Server, powered by the award-winning DL.3/DL.2 graphics engine, provides you with all the cutting edge functions of the DL.3 and DL.2

    IP PBX

    Reign, we know this.... I am not sure whether to report this as spam or not. I will let admin decide. Your signiture makes me think so...

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