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Hey all-

I'm setting up my IPC for a show, and i've been having some trouble trying to get my laptop to recognize a show over the network. I'm still running 1.4 on both machines . . . many frustrating reasons . . .

anycase . . i thought this was a possibilty between 3pc and IPC. any sugggestions?


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    In that version of the s/w, you need to make sure there is only one configured and enabled adapter on your laptop for the network of the show server on the iPC. If you have multiple adapters, the s/w chooses the first one it finds, which may not be the one your iPC is located. There are other items like firewall etc that can interfere. The v2.0.1 release of the software allows you to configure and choose the adapter along with many other fixes.

    Also, try searching the archives for 1.4 and you will likely find someone else probably has gone through the same thing.

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    so im assuming that would be the loopback thing that i installed when i was working with v 2.0 . . so that might be the problem.

    i know when i search the network neighborhood on my laptop i can see the IPC.

    I'll try disabeling the loopback adapter and see how that works.

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    2 pieces of advice with regards to networking Hog 3PC using v1.4.x software:

    1) The Hog iPC can only obtain an IP address from a DHCP server. Make sure that the IP address shown on the Hog 3PC splash screen is one that will allow the Hog iPC to communicate with your Hog 3PC computer.

    2) Hog 3PC stand-alone will bind to the first enabled network adapter that it finds. Make sure that you only have one enabled network connection so that you're sure that you're binding to the appropriate connection and also verify the IP address on the Hog 3PC splash screen.

    As Donald mentioned, our v2.0.x software greatly increases the ability to configure the networking of Wholehog 3 products. It also includes a number of important bug fixes. If you're going to be networking products from the Wholehog 3 family, I'd suggest installing the latest software version available for download from http://www.flyingpig.com.

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