Color Paletts in Programmer

SpiderSpider Registered User
Is it possible or useful for up coming Software updates to recalculate and overtake colour parameters in the programmer to all possible palettes?

So if I enter CMY Values for a fixture, the console displays the calculated values for HUE & Saturation or RGB- Intens or vice versa?

The setting or modifying of colour effects would be easier with the FX- Engine


  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited November 2006

    The main problem with this is that the HS colour space does not include all possible colours in the CMY or RGB colour spaces. If you dial a HS colour, you can touch CMY and get the CMY values, but it's impossible to be able to go from CMY to HS in some cases.

    There are some cases where we could better handle switching between RGB and other colour spaces. We have a number of defects and enhancements opened to address these issues.

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