Backup show over network

AndrisAndris Registered User
It would be nice to be able to backup the networked show remotely.
HogPC #1 is our server. HogPC #2 is the remote programming laptop. If I do a backup it wants to place the file locally on hog #2. I would like to keep all backups on the master hog #1.


  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited November 2006

    Show backup should currently be disabled on all client consoles. I'm not currently in front of multiple, networked Hog 3PC systems, so I can't verify that this is behaving as it should, so I'll have to look into it on Monday. Our current architecture doesn't guarantee that a client console has all show information. Client consoles only request and process the data they need based on activity. Feature request #5846 is logged to discuss the implementation of show backup capability from any console connected to a show.
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