More Robust File Management

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I'd like to see the file management fleshed out a bit.

A few problems I currently have...

-When I do a backup, I would like to be able to click on an existing file to select that as the destination. This doesn't seem to work from inside the OS.

-If a folder has more than a full window worth of files in it, you can not paste files into it, as there is no empty space to rich click in.

-Drag and drop support seems to be very limited. Ex. I can not drag a backup file from the hard drive to a flash drive.

-Console does not understand file size issues. Ex. If I try to backup to a flash drive that doesn't have enough room left, the console attempts the backup, giving me a generic failure message midway through the backup, as opposed to telling me that the mass storage device does not have enough free space.

I'll add more to the thread when I think of them.




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    edited November 2006

    I've opened feature request #10146 to suggest that when a file is clicked in the backup file browser, this should change the name of the current backup. I've added your comments to the enhancement.

    When I right click in any blank space in the file browser window (even if it's on the line of an existing file), I still get the Paste and New Folder options that I see when I click in a completely blank area below all files. Can you tell me a bit more about this problem?

    I've tried dragging and dropping on a Wholehog 3 console, and it seems to be working as I would expect. When working in the File Browser pane of the Shows window, I was able to drag both show backups and library files from the right pane to the Zip disk in the left pane. I haven't had the chance to try this on a Hog iPC yet, but it seems fine to me so far.

    We unfortunately don't do any checks for free space before we attempt to run a backup. Bug #4429 is currently open for this issue. I've added your comments to the defect.

    Thanks for all of the good comments. Feel free to keep adding to the list.
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