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This feature request may actually qualify as a 'category' of feature requests, so here it goes.

I think there are several places where a 'held' key could be used to great effect. Two specific areas that this comes to mind would be calling up palette and timing windows.


[Palette Windows]

I would like to see the option of calling up a full-screen palette window when the associated key is pressed and held for a certain duration.


If I did not have the Position Palette Directory open, pressing and holding the 'Position' key on the console (for 1-2 seconds, let's say) would open a 'maximized' Position Palette Directory on the screen that I last opened the Directory on.

!!! Bonus Feature !!!

This could work just like the Time window on the Hog 2, where pressing time (while editing in the programmer) opened the time window, and an edit in that window automatically closed it.

The instant a palette was selected, the recalled palette directory could go away.

This would make for a sort of 'quick select' option for palettes.


[Timing Window]

I would also like to see a press and hold of the Time key open a stripped down timing window a la Hog 2. This would ideally be almost exactly like the Hog 2 timing window, showing only the basic categories (Pos, Beam, Color, etc.) and Fade, Delay, and Path.

This also would go away automatically on an edit.


Does this make any sense?

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?



(Probably not worth mentioning, but the sunrise over Lake Michigan was awesome this morning.)


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    That is two GOOD idea's!!
    -my thumb is up!
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