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So with my 1000 I was able to take a timecode input through the use of the midi in port. I see a midi in and midi out port on my Hog III, but I am also seeing the Timecode widget and MSC/Timecode rack unit. Do I have to use an external device to be able to receive timecode from another source, and have it trigger cues from the timecode track?


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  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
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    Hello, the Hog 3 can accept MIDI Timecode through the MIDI In port. You will need a widget or processor if you need to use SMPTE Timecode.

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    Mitch is correct.
    The steps below should allow you to configure a cuelist to use MTC from the MIDI port on the console.

    Configuring the console:
    1) Open the network window (Setup -> Network).
    2) Click on the row for the console.
    3) Press the Settings button.
    4) Click on the Timcode tab of the Console Settings window.
    5) Set the active port to MIDI.

    Configuring the cuelist:
    1) Open the cuelist options window for the cuelist you need to trigger by holding the Pig key and pressing the Choose button for the cuelist.
    2) In the I/O Settings section of the window, set the Timecode source to Console and make sure that the Enable Timecode button is checked.

    This should be everything you need to do to trigger a cuelist using MIDI timecode directly into the console. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any problems getting things set up.

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