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Is it possible to separate out an individual unit out of the collage mode to project something else? i.e - Starting with a 3x3 (9 unit) collage, could the bottom row center unit crossfade out of the collage to a separately unique
image while the other 8 units remain in the overall collage?


  • RKHCKPRKHCKP Registered User
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    you can fade out the individual DL2 within your group and then have it fade into the new position out of the collage format. trying to fade the layer within the collage and fading back in to the other new position with a new file within the layer does not work. need to fade out the intensity of the motion then fade back in to get a smooth crossfade.

    hope this helps
  • z6p6tist6z6p6tist6 Registered User
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    I would also add that the key to this working is that you...

    1) Fade out the individual fixture (probably using either your Global Channel or your Motion Channel...though my personal preference would generally be the Motion Channel)

    2) [Don't forget this!] Turn off the Collage Generator mode on your Global Channel and return the associated parameters to their default (or new preferred) state.

    3) Fade the fixture back in with the new media.


    Or an alternate version...

    If you are currently using (for example) 'Object 1' for your collaged media, preset the alternate media on 'Object 2'. You will have to scale and position the media to place it in the 'tile' that you are 'knocking out', as the fixture still thinks that you're 1 of 9 'tiles' in collage mode.

    Then just do an intensity crossfade between the two Objects/Layers.


    In both of these situations, you will see the feathering from the 3-4 adjacent 'tiles'. I don't believe there is a way around this currently.

    In the first situation, the edges of the 'lonely' image would not be feathered at the overlaps, but in the second they would.


    Hope that makes sense.

  • jgrindrodjgrindrod Registered User
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    Thanks for advise. Both were helpful. I have other issues, throw distance being the main one. But your answers reconfirmed what I thought I could do.
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