network hog3 (in IPC) with laptop wireless?

ArielAriel Registered User
I been told that this could be done, does anybody know what I would need to buy and how to plug it all to make it work? I just finish doing a show in a convention center were I had lights everywere and it was great to move around with my laptop plug in with a cross over cable to focus all the lights I had.


  • aphylotusaphylotus Registered User
    edited September 2006
    yes this can be done, here is how I did it:
    Connected the iPC to a wirehub/router I had (in fact a DSL router).
    This one has a built-in DHCP Server, so the iPC will boot up and get an ipaddress from the router.

    Then fire up the notebook, which will also get an IP in the same range, and both should be able to communicate.

    I think it is the easiest way (at least for my setup)

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