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I think, we need to have in DL2 some other parameters, like shutter blade to use without deform the picture with the Keystone

what do you think of that?



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    We have had many ideas and requests from customers for additional features like these. In fact, the shutter blades that you are referring to are already logged into our system as enhancement request #8356.

    The problem that we have to deal with in doing things like this is it will add more channels to the DL.2 DMX protocol. Currently, with the 170 channels that the DL.2 uses, you can fit three DL.2s per universe of DMX. Adding just one more channel would make it so only two DL.2s would fit on a universe (171 channels per fixture x 3 = 513 channels. too many for one universe). Shutters could add up to 16 channels.

    We will always explore new features in the future, and we always log ideas from customers into our system. Keep the ideas coming. :cool:
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    Of course it will have more than 170 prameters, but it could be an option.

    It will be very fine to resize something without deforming picture.
    Is the other solution will be to input new 3D objects?

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    as for resizing something, i thought that is why we had 'Z' scaling as well as adding new 3d objects, you can add them in the user object folder.

    with Lightwave 3d you can make your own 3d objects and layout how the movies lay on your object within the texture layouts. pretty cool software as far as designing your own objects.

    sizing without using the Keystoning has been very important with the tour i am currently on. We have 5 different screens that can turn either way depending on the venue. we use 'Z' scaling to fit movies on the screens within a preset focus position. it has worked great since Feb. of this year since we have been out.

    it would be nice to have shutter blades to make things faster, but it already is issues with DMX univ. when you start talking consoles and all. just finished a event with 16 DL2s and which were 24 spec'd (a full 8 univ console). keeping the options open would be nice. maybe they can make a full scale mode with a reduced mode like Xspots so that we can keep the current layout and then when DMX univ. are not a hurdle as far as getting more DPs or ArtNet boxes, etc use the larger mode.

    just my 2 cents,
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