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I prefer using the hue/saturation color model for programming as suggested; however, sometimes when fading from one color to another, I don't want to see the colors that come in between although I do want a smooth looking fade. For example, when using a CMY mixing light if I fade from orange to blue, I see yellow and green during the fade, even though it would look smoother if the yellow flag faded out as the cyan flag moved in. Is there a way to manipulate the path of the cue to achieve this.


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    You can build your colours using Hue and Saturation and then touch one of the CMY encoders to change to CMY colour before you record your cue. With CMY values in your cue, the console will perform a CMY crossfade like you're looking for.

    We have a couple of enhancements on the to-do list right now that discuss improvements to the fade system, including one that would allow you to specify the colour space that is used for the crossfade, regardless of how the colours were recorded.
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    We had a rather involved discussion a while back in this thread:
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    I read the entire thread that was discussed a while ago and I think simply being able to select whether you want each individual cue to crossface based on HS or CMY/RGB parameters is a great idea to implement asap for the current color system.

    All of the other color model ideas, with the toothpick and spherical representation methods are good ideas, but I see them happenning in much later versions as they will definitely require more work than just adding one option.

    Another note, if creating an option to specify a CMY/RGB fade path, it would be great to have this somehow worked into the Effects Engine as well. I'm trying to create an effect that goes directly from blue to orange and back and forth on some ColorBlasts without going through purple, pink, and red too. It would be great to be able to put an effect like a sine on the Hue value at 120 degress but have it fade directly between the two colors on each end of that 120 degree spectrum based on an RGB path.

    I've been reading these forums for a while, but this is my first post... finally!
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    We have enhancements logged to give users the ability to select which color space crossfades happen in. There is some complexity to this, as not all colors that can be mixed in the CMY or RGB spaces can be represented in HS.

    I don't think that this solution would work for the effects engine, because you're applying an effect table to an individual parameter. You have exact control over how the crossfades happen. If you applied a sine wave to hue and then told the console to crossfade in the CMY space, the effect wouldn't really be running on hue. I think the best solution for this would be to allow users to build effects by setting the endstops using palettes. Then we could define how to crossfade between them. This feature request has also already been logged.

    Please let us know if you have any other suggestions.

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