Video Rack for DL2

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Scott (or whomever):

We are currently looking at the possibility of add 3 DL2's to our system. I have a question after looking the DL2 Video primer page on the site.

Does High End sell this rack or is strictly a build-your-own:

Just curious as I'm about to start pricing it out and thought it might be easier if it was already made.....



  • schiefelsschiefels Registered User, HES Alumni
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    We do sell those units. I don't believe they come assembled, but we do sell the rack with all the components (screens, video splitters, and D-Mix Pro unit).
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    Thanks Matt....could you PM me with specific part #, model information so that my dealer can quote it acurately?
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    By the way,

    I'm out on a tour with one of these rigs right now, and I am very impressed with its versatility.

    If I were spec'ing one of these racks, the one thing that I would add, would be a scan converter/scaler of some sort, so that you could plug in any type of video signal you wanted to one of your inputs.

    With the current setup, everything is routed in S-Video, with the little blue Marshall boxes (how cute!) also splitting each video signal into a composite feed for the LCD preview monitors.

    This means that the one thing that is not always easy to do is to take a computer signal into the rack and get it converted to S-Video.

    Otherwise, very impressed.


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    That's a great idea. If we do end up purchasing the DL2's, I would definitely add a scan convertor....

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