16 active DL2s

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edited September 2006 in DL.3/DL.2
:Eyecrazy: well i can finally say it is done. i just finished up the gig this AM with 16 DL2 units. we collaged 4 units into the 4x1 layout for lighting a roof of atemp building structure. we would jump from collage layout to individual DL2 layouts and back. i think the collage idea is good, BUT:poke:i think i would like to have more options of configurations of how they can be assembled. like 8x1 or 8x2, etc.

still not liking the IP address issue. really need to get that thing working to possibly be a plug N play type thing. as from the client side of things that was the really the only negative:nono: i got from using these fixtures.

Lots of long hours the last 5 nights. but worth the sight of seeing the party together as well as the clients faces as patrons hit the room.

hopefully i will get some photos in the near future of the event and see about posting them. at the moment, we have a gag order on what goes out the door as well as photos.

still a great event and usage of DL2s. i have to give it to you guys got a good thing going in the right direction. just need to get some of the little technical things out of the way.

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