DL2 Head Board Problem

fkmfkm Registered User
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Dear Sir,

I have a DL2 that have a problem of the Head Board. When the DL2 Head is moving, the head board seem to off suddenly. Those LED will off but I test the power input have 40v reading. Therefore what will affect the shut down of the board or any other reasons that the board seems shut down.



  • mehrzadmoosavimehrzadmoosavi Registered User, HES Alumni
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    sounds like you have a failed head card. You may want to swap it with a known good card to confirm this. Please contact me if you need replacement.
    Kind regards
    Mehrzad (zod) Moosavi
    Product Support Manager
    High End Systems
  • fkmfkm Registered User
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    Hi Mehrzaid,

    Actually that the Head board still can work because when I move the head by hand and the head board will function again and do the home reset. However when I use moving effect. The head board will shut down again. That is tricky and I try to replace it to another DL2. It seems ok!
    Therefore what should I need to concern.

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