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Hopefully in the future we can get a plug-&-play with the cat5 layout. it is really hard as we get new videos and the rig is already in the air or we have tested already the rig to get it flow as in a touring setup. Then artist walks in with a new song or some photos they would like to see. or in my case as of this week. getting client footage at different times thru out the week and the Prod. Mgr. does not like all the Cat5 cable hanging around. do it once and then remove it. it i had spec'd Cat5 to be at FOH and then run to all the fixtures, my vendor as well as crew would KILL me, plus at the moment, most lighting crews i am finding still do not understand the DL fixtures and why so much additional things to go with it.

just venting as well as asking for a wish of the plug-N-play IP address issue.



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    I understand your pain. We're on track to have most of the intermittant network issues resolved in the next major release coming up in October.

    For your situation, I would keep all the fixtures networked in the rig and just have Cat5 line backstage you can connect to for changing content. As long as all the fixtures boot up with the Cat5 connected to the Ethernet switch they should be stable on the network.

    When you go plug your laptop into the Switch, be sure that you have your wireless adapter disabled and then give it the minute or two it takes to Auto-IP and it should all work fairly flawlessly. Things will get easier in the next major release though.
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    i kill all wireless as well as firewall & virus protection to use the CMA. it is just a pain. i appreciate your focus on this issue for the future release.

    cya at LDI.

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