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Hey guys

I am dealing with 16 DL2 units and struggling to get 8 even to line up on the CMA to upload. Very frustrating and really a PAIN!. this has been an issue since 1.2.777 software. atleast for me it has. i even soft reset the servers after i have the CMA unit setup. the units seem to not like having more than 3 fixtures up and running. i guess this size of setup is not good for a laptop to be the CMA provider, but a larger processor from a desktop.

it is just sad that with this type of setup it is still having issues. i am using software both the CMA & DLs are this software.

i hope in the future this issue is fixed with the DL2 units.


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    Sorry to hear of the troubles. We've had some networking bugs that we're hoping to have fixed before LDI.

    Processor speed isn't a huge factor, so laptop vs. desktop really won't make a difference.

    Here's a couple things that should help minimize problems:

    1. Make sure there isn't any other network adapters active on your laptop. Disable any other network adapters such as WiFi.

    2. Don't use a Router in the system. There is a bug that causes bad behavior with a lot of routers right now. Just use a good quality Gigabit Ethernet switch.

    3. Have everything connected before powering your rig. If you're having serious network connectivity problems, then send a Graphics Engine Reset via DMX to all the units so that they all boot up clean with the network already connected.

    4. Make sure your firewalls are disabled on your laptop, including the Windows XP firewall.

    We're working to get a release out with all these issues resolved before LDI, but following the above steps should solve most any problem you're experiencing.
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