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Hi guys,

I am designing a tour of a musical. The set and lighting are so inextricably linked (and I am a complete control freak... :) ) so I have decided to learn how to use the Hog system and light the show myself.

We are producing a mid-range tour, using about 40 automated lights and a few standard lumieres. I would like to know if, in more experienced users' opinions, the Hog 3PC software, in conjunction with a programming wing, a playback wing, and 2 Super Widgets is a suitable platform for this project?

I also want to control a Catalyst Media Server with the lighting system. Is this possible with Hog 3PC (can I use DMX to control the server?)

Many thanks,

Martin Hughes


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    I'm obviously going to be a bit biased (being a High End employee), but I come from a background of being a Wholehog 3 owner and programmer.

    I would say that the Hog 3PC application is capable of controlling a show like the one you describe, but it will be very important to choose a proper PC to run it on. I would make sure that you dedicate a computer to Hog 3PC and not run other applications on it and I would make sure that the computer exceeds (or at least meets) the system requirements for Hog 3PC.

    It is possible to control the Catalyst media server using Hog 3PC. You can patch the media server to one of the super widget outputs and connect a DMX cable between the widget and the Catalyst. I can say from experience that the Catalyst library for the Wholehog 3 works very well, because as I'm typing this I'm working on a Wholehog 3 console controlling 2 Catalyst v4 servers.

    You may find some good suggestions and tips about setting up a Hog 3PC system if you take a look at some of the older threads in the Hog 3PC forums. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the reply. Being biased is fine - I'd kind of already made my decision based on recommendations from LDs I know. I just needed my decision confirming :). Also I plan to use Catalyst and several automated lights from HES (as well as a few Macs) so a system from the same company should cause the least hassle...

    I've been looking more at the systems, and to be honest, for touring, perhaps the iPC would be better (more integrated and it can just be stuck on the desk at the back of the auditorium without a load of messy cabling). The only extra thing I would need is another super widget to take the DMX universes to 8.

    If we do decide to go for the 3PC option though, the computers won't be a problem. My company develops PC systems for the keyboard players in the pit (using soft samplers and synths) so all our systems are based around intel dual core 930 with 4GB RAM and super fast hard disks.

    If we do go with iPC, I would probably still use 3PC on my workstation to plan the lighting using WYSIWYG. I'm also developing a plugin for 3D Studio Max 8 which will allow visualisation of lighting cues in that (the set model is being done in Max to allow virtual walk throughs).

    Is the PC software free, and it's the hardware that is charged? So I would go ahead and start planning the design ASAP and leave the cost of the iPC to go onto the budget at the end of pre production (we would probably buy whatever system we use because the tour is going for several months and hiring it would be a false economy).


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    You are correct that Hog 3PC is free software.

    Also, keep in mind that shows are compatible between all 3 of the Wholehog platforms. You could rent a Wholehog 3 or Hog iPC for programming and then run the show on a Hog iPC or Hog 3PC.

    Good luck with your show. Please let me know if you have any other questions or needs.

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